Week of Feb 01, 2021

⭐️ Highlights:

  • 💅 All events got updated with a brand new event landing page including the possibility to add banners.

  • 💅 We also polished our event spaces with a new appearance. We improved the mobile experience, stretched the floor menu, and moved some action buttons to the right top.

  • 🤝 We are proud to welcome the newest element to our event space. The mingling element. It works like speed dating. 3min per match, after the time is over, the element automatically connects the attendee to the next person. In just 15 minutes you enable your attendees to meet 5 new people. Test it in our demo space.

  • 🗺 Many of you were desperately waiting for it. Our new integrated map builder is ready. Now you can change your event space at lightspeed.

    P.S. Even during the event. In that case, attendees will be prompted to refresh the page.

  • 🤫 You and your event hosts are now able to mute individual attendees or all at once.

    P.S. The button "Mute mic of all regular attendees" means we mute everyone EXCLUDING hosts and you.

  • ⬇️ You can now export your event attendees and share with them directly important event information.

🐛 Besides the above many bugfixes and 🚀 performance improvements.

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