Week of Mar 01, 2021

⭐️ Highlights:

  • Our movement against "Zoom fatigue"
    🔈 We are running some experiments to enable audio-only elements for your event spaces in the future.

    🚀 For that early phase, we just released a new spin-off product to replace your next Zoom, Webex, [...]-Meeting or Plenum. We are still in beta and only invite a small circle of early adopters to try it.

    🤫 Interested? Every existing MeetAnyway organizer will be able to skip the waitlist and test it for free. Sign up here (referral code LAFAMILIA) or contact one of us directly. Here you can learn more.

🐛 Besides the above many bugfixes and 🚀 performance improvements. For example —

  • Registration process: Few people had issues with the confirmation code. We disabled auto-submit which should resolve most of these issues.

  • Mingling element: The mingling element is now more stable and faster — we migrated to a new database.

  • Broadcast element: The broadcast stage allowed some regular attendees to activate their cameras — we fixed that.

Questions or feedback?

Please contact our support team if you need more help.

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