Week of April 01, 2021

⭐️ Highlights:

  • New MeetAnyway.com homepage
    We committed to providing your attendees the best possible experience. The first page they should see is certainly not our "sales page", to acquire new organizers. We redesigned meetanyway.com to lead attendees as quickly as possible to your next event.


After clicking "Attend" on your event landing page (not logged in):

  • A new hub for MeetAnyway users
    Logged-in users will be directly forwarded to the brand new MeetAnyway hub. Here, all the upcoming events which a user attends are listed in a well-structured and appealing way. Your upcoming event is just one click away.

🐛 Besides the above many bugfixes and 🚀 performance improvements. For example —

  • Version conflict check for event space.

  • Allow canceled attendees to re-attend a private event.

  • Fixing login issues (caused by an expired access token)

  • [...]

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