Week of April 28, 2021

⭐️ Highlights:

  • Areas
    We have seen many events with 10+ sections (floors). To give you more possibilities to structure your event space, we added areas. In these areas, you can now group sections that belong together.

  • Improved profiles

    We believe that seeing and meeting other people is one of the key ingredients for successful online events. Therefore, we doubled down on profiles. Other attendees' profiles are now clickable and open in a sidebar, where you can see more details of that person.

  • Improved attendee search

We moved the search bar to the sidebar where it no longer blocks the view of the middle section. Now you can attend a talk/presentation while finding and exploring other attendees.

  • Follow & Following
    Attendees are now able to follow each other. This functionality builds the base of many other upcoming improvements to help attendees better connect with each other.

🐛 Besides the above many bug fixes. For example —

  • Resolved search bar issues that occurred during larger events and prevented organizers from removing attendees.

  • [...]

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